Why Train in Icebreaker Merino Wool

Why Train in Icebreaker Merino Wool

It may seem crazy, wearing wool in the summertime - but we promise, once you try training in Icebreaker's Merino Wool apparel, you'll be on board.  Here's why you should train in Icebreaker Merino:

It's resilient. Merino wool has an intrinsic wavelike structure called crimp, which makes it resilient to frequent wear.

Thermoregulation. Merino fiber has the ability to gain and release heat, protecting wearers against the elements.  Synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester do not share these properties.

It's incredibly soft. Merino fibers are so fine that when pressed against the skin they simply bend, meaning that there is no sensation of prickle, only softness.  Recent medical research has shown that wearing superfine Merino wool next to the skin is therapeutic for eczema sufferers.

It moves freely. Wool has superior extension properties compared to nylon and polyester.

It's odor resistant. Merino fiber is able to resist the development and proliferation of odor.

It keeps you dry. Merino fiber has the ability to absorb up to 35% of it's weight in moisture before it begins to feel wet.


scientific chart of merino wool fiber


socks and apparel - how merino wool keeps odor at bay compared to other materials

*Odor generated in wool socks during exercise is found to be significantly less stinky than that of other fibers.  Merino apparel has been found to have a lower propensity for odor emission after wearing compared to synthetics.


wool vs merino fibers - % moisture management chart

Merino fiber absorbs vapor to allow for effective evaporative cooling of the skin, which assists in maintaining a healthy core body temperature.

Merino fiber has the capacity to absorb up to 35% of it's weight in moisture before it begins to feel wet.


To compare Merino vs. man-made fiber for training, a trial was carried out utilizing a garment with a left half made from merino, and a right half in synthetic. This showed:

  • Results showed that the skin under the Merino side was drier
  • Skin wetness was perceived to be drier on the Merino side
  • Skin temperature was lower on the Merino side
  • Thermal comfort was perceived to be better on the Merino side

Convinced yet? We love Merino wool apparel from Icebreaker - so much, we gave it an award!

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