Treadmill Training - Free Workout!

Treadmill Training - Free Workout!

When it comes to winter, sometimes a session on the treadmill is what it takes to get it done. You might (like me, foolishly) have signed up for an early race, don’t feel safe running in the dark, or old man winter has really dealt you a hard blow. We’re talking about you, New England!


If you can have a favorite treadmill workout (that might be an oxymoron), here’s my go-to training session; a tempo workout that keeps it moving (literally) and mixes up different paces and intensity. You’ll be so engaged, you’ll be through the workout before your mind has a chance to catch up.

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We’ve all seen the treadmill running disasters doing the rounds on social media. And while it is actually wet-your-pants hilarious to observe others getting it wrong, don’t let yourself down on the treadmill.

At JackRabbit we try to get every runner on the treadmill in our stores to get an overview of their running gait and let them experience a range of running shoes while actually running.

The result is us JackRabbits have had the opportunity to observe all types of runners on the moving belt of hell/heaven (depending on your view). And so here are our top tips on how to run on a treadmill to be safe:

  • Side Rails: Stating the obvious, treadmills don’t stop when you do. Be sure to check yourself before slowing down. Place your hands on the rails and be prepared to jump on the side rails as a first instance.
  • Eyes on the Prize: Your feet follow your eyes, so look straight ahead. If your focus is forward, you’ll have an easier time staying balanced, but we know the TV off to the side is tempting.
  • Hard Stop! To be extra secure, take the time to clip the emergency STOP cord to the hem of your running shirt. Seriously, a friend of a JackRabbit learned that the hard way at college… no stop cord and ended up with friction burns on his face. Don’t Stop, Drop and Roll on a treadmill; it’ll hurt.
  • Dry Land: Take your time getting off the treadmill to get your land legs back. We’re not joking when we say stepping off a treadmill can feel like you’re back on dry land after a long sea voyage. That even holds true for our treadmills here in landlocked Colorado! It can be a little disorienting after running in a stationary position to once again be moving!


There are two considerations on what shoes to wear on a treadmill. You’re probably not going to be running a 20 miler on a treadmill – although we certainly know people who do. Check out runners Brian and Kara. They certainly knock out longer treadmill runs – and they wear Altras to do it.

However, If you’re doing anything between one and six miles, your choice of shoe can afford to be something lighter and with a little less cushioning.

The one (and some might say only!) benefit of a treadmill is it’s more forgiving than your concrete sidewalk. Way more.

The second consideration is if you plan on jumping off the treadmill to continue with some free weights, plyometrics or mix up the cardio hopping between a rowing machine and one mile repeats (my personal favorite way to treadmill it!)

If so, a lower profile shoe might also be the right combo. Here are our top recommendations of running shoes to take the treadmill session this winter.

Run on, JackRabbits. Summer race day glory awaits you.

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