Train Like a Pro: Ironman Training with Linsey Corbin

Train Like a Pro: Ironman Training with Linsey Corbin

What does a pro-triathlete’s training load look like? Ironman athletes are known for putting in the work to be able to race the kind of times you need to stand on top of an Ironman race podium.

Linsey Corbin is no exception. As a six-time Ironman champion and holding top American honors in both Ironman and Ironman 70.3 distances, Linsey walks us through a sample week of her training plan for her 2018 Ironman race season..

Take a look at Linsey's training week and do you think you could you #TrainLikeAPro?


linsey corbin's training plan



We asked our JackRabbit triathletes who are testing out Linsey's training plan for a week, what they thought of the schedule and training load.

Melanie Mitchell:  Apart from the obvious - the vast quantity of training hours in the week - the number of three-sport training days was unexpected. I have to give a shout out to pro-athletes; they work really hard to build and maintain their race performance. As age-groupers, we’re heading into this for one week only; they do this week after week! The sheer exhaustion of this training load will be an interesting experience. I fully expect to need to be in bed by 8:00pm every evening in a coma-like state. Can’t wait!

Maureen Kennedy: My first impression of the Train Like a Pro Week was somewhat intimidating. Granted that this is coming from someone who swims with the grace of a house cat in water. I saw a lot more swimming than expected. Given that swimming is my weakest leg, this has to be a good thing. If it's not, please don't tell me otherwise.

Next observation was the number of brick workouts. Not just the number of them, but the hours that go into a single brick workout. None of this run 30 minutes after a long ride. I am actually looking forward to this part. I am so going to sleep hard every night. I am just going to have to come up with a really loud and annoying alarm system for the mornings.

No wonder these people are pros and get their own not-so-crowded bike racks at races; they've so earned being poros with the workouts alone.

Lori Pacheco:  Whoa, Nelly! That's a whole lot of swimming so I will have no excuse if my swim time doesn't improve. I've never done a lot of brick work. In fact, I normally schedule my long runs specifically to avoid running on tired legs so this should be interesting!


There’s no doubt you can't mess around when it comes to fueling Ironman training. So much so, we're going to dedicate an entire blog post to what Linsey eats to fuel her day!

Linsey's advice, "To work hard, you have to play hard and rest hard. I think it is important to have balance in your life. This means indulging in a treat if you want one (ice cream!), I also think you have to treat your body with respect, because what you are asking it to do is A LOT. I prioritize sleep and a healthy diet and I really focus on proper fueling."

Here's a sneak peak at how recovery meals happen 'Chez Linsey'.

  • Post Training: Immediately after a session, I have a recovery shake: banana, CLIF Bar recovery drink, almond milk, frozen berries, spinach, greek yogurt.
  • Go-to Recovery Dinner: grilled steak, roasted sweet potatoes in coconut oil, huge salad, roasted veggies + dark chocolate for desert.

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