The 8 Most Important Accessories Runners Forget

The 8 Most Important Accessories Runners Forget

Gear Up For Spring Training

Ok, so you don’t include yourself in the winter “resolution” crowd. If you’re going to do something, you do it with intention and follow through. You’ve either been stuck indoors on the hamster wheel (treadmill), or you’ve braved the chilly temps by squeezing in some outdoor runs during the colder months, or you live in Texas where February is the only time you might not have to turn on your air conditioner to full-blast.

Regardless of the situation, Spring means warmer temps are ahead for all of us. Chirping birds, sunny days, and a time to get serious about those races we promised our friends we would run with them this coming May.

Whether you’re just getting started on your fitness journey, and trying to figure out how to run properly, or you’re an experienced race veteran with thousands of miles under your belt, let’s make sure you have the right tools to launch into your spring training.


Sun Protection

1. Sun Protection:
Staring at a light box to treat seasonal-affective-disorder carries no risk of sunburn. It’s a different story when you get outside in the actual sun. Clear skies can mean high sun exposure, even if the weather doesn’t yet feel “hot”. Protect your pasty winter-skin from those UV waves with a hat, sunglasses, and plenty of sunblock, until your melanin comes back out of hibernation!



2. Headphones:
Olympic level athletes are able to listen to their bodies, observing variations in heart rate, respiration, pain thresholds - knowing when and how hard they can push themselves, finding motivation from deep within. For the rest of us, just give us some freakin' tunes! The right song can help you pick up the pace or go that extra mile. As much as a great playlist helps move us down the road, nothing is more annoying than an earbud that keeps falling out or wires that keep getting tangled and snagged.


Fitness Tracker

3. Fitness Tracker:
It helps knowing where you’re going to find out how far you’ve come. The right fitness tracker can help with both. From charting trails, to counting calories, the right fitness tracker can keep you accountable in making progress, with objective results you can see.


Gu Energy Gel

4. GU:
If you want to really GU the distance, GU is GUnna get you there. See what I did there? That’s called subliminal marketing. Actually, it’s just called bad writing, but the point is GU has the GUdness you need. Ok, I’ll stop now. If you’ve never tried GU, it’s a tiny, portable, convenient energy supplement, and boy-o-boy do these things work! When your body runs out of fuel, you feel it. GU is the human equivalent of an emergency gas can for your vehicle. Pop one of these tasty morsels in your pie-hole for renewed energy to get you to the finish line.


Water Bottle

5. Handheld water bottle:
Remember when I said nothing is more annoying than having headphones that get tangled? Well, I was wrong, there is something waaay more annoying: Having to slosh around a water bottle whose shape somehow becomes increasingly awkward the longer you run. Avoid hand cramps and dehydration by taking along a water bottle ergonomically designed for running.



6. Massage ball:
As good as running feels in the moment, a tough training session may leave you feeling a little beat up. That’s why the best runners know the importance of supplementing with cross-training and a recovery routine to stay feeling good. Instead of reaching for the bottle of ibuprofen, loosen up tight muscles and knots with a massage ball to stay pain-free, and perform your best. Keep one in your gym bag, and one at your desk, to relieve tension before it builds. Check out our video on how to fix hip pain here.


The R8 from Roll Recovery

7. The R8 from Roll Recovery:
This product defies category, with no equal. With a traditional foam roller, you use gravity applied by your body weight, to create pressure to improve mobility and keep your muscles functioning properly. With the R8 roller, the pressure is applied to you, rather than by you. We’re still a few decades out from automated robot-servants that cater to our every need, but the R8 is a step in that direction. For the price of 2 traditional massage sessions, you can have your own personal masseuse that is more than happy to soothe your aching arms and legs any time of day.


Oofos Slides

If you’ve been out pounding the pavement, your feet have literally been out pounding the pavement. No matter how cushy your shoes are, pavement is hard. Running is an impact sport. Before, after, or between training sessions, swaddle your feet in footwear that allows your body to recover faster. OOFOS is designed to reduce and absorb impact, in order to aid recovery now, so that you can perform tomorrow.


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