Stance FEEL360 Technology

Stance FEEL360 Technology

Stance FEEL360 is their exclusive fiber treatment that reacts to your body’s temperature for the ultimate in high-performance comfort. By infusing premium twisted yarns with our proprietary treatment, FEEL360 eliminates odor-causing bacteria as it wicks away moisture to keep you feeling fresh and dry well past the finish line.


  • FRESH: Eliminates 99% of odor causing bacteria.
  • DRY: Wicks away sweat 20% faster than market leaders.
  • SMART: Brings temperature regulating technology to your feet


What is FEEL360 and how is it applied to a sock?
FEEL360 is a proprietary fiber treatment that is applied to the sock after being knit.

How do you know a product has FEEL360?
All Stance FEEL360 socks have the FEEL360 logo just above the blue toe stripe on the left foot. FEEL360 is also called out on the product packaging.

Do all performance products have FEEL360?
No, look for the FEEL360 wordmark just above the blue toe stripe.

Does FEEL360 cost extra?
Yes, there is an additional premium for styles that include FEEL360 technology.

How long will FEEL360 last?
FEEL360 lasts 55 wash cycles; after 55 wash cycles we see minimal degradation (.3%)

Is FEEL360 anti-microbial?
Yes, FEEL360 includes a recycled silver ionic wash component which permeates fibers to achieve antimicrobial effects. In fact, FEEL360 is so effective you can wear them multiple times between washes without them getting stinky.

What makes FEEL360 odor free?
The silver-ionic wash in FEEL360 destroys odor causing bacteria.

How does FEEL360 wick moisture?
FEEL360 includes an advanced wicking agent that activates when your body reaches elevated temperatures to allow moisture to travel through the material more quickly.

What makes FEEL360 a “smart technology”? Is there a Thermoregulatory Effect?
FEEL360 is a smart technology that adapts to your body’s temperature; when your body reaches higher temperatures FEEL360 is activated to allow moisture to move more quickly though the material and evaporate and is deactivated at lower body temperatures when moisture is no longer present. This adaptive technology provides 3-4 degrees Fahrenheit of thermoregulation.

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