Nathan Presents: Night Running Safety Tips

Nathan Presents: Night Running Safety Tips

Running at night can be fun, exciting, adventurous, and rewarding. However, it can also be dangerous, scary, and stressful. With 70% of pedestrian fatalities occurring between 6pm and 6am, taking precautions to be visible while running in the dark can literally be a matter of life or death.

It's easy to create a safety and visibility plan for your next nighttime running adventure. Nathan Sports recommends the ideal combination of active lighting and passive reflectivity, plus tips, tools, and much more to keep you safe when on the roads and trails after dark:

  • - Wear reflective running gear, aiming to always have 360 degrees of visibility
  • - Cars should be able to see you from the front, back, and both sides
  • - Use multiple points of light so drivers perceive you as a runner
  • - Use a combination of passive and active lighting
  • - Passive lighting means reflective materials that react to car’s headlights, such as a Nathan reflective running vest, or a reflective running jacket
  • - Active lighting includes LEDs that project light, such as a Nathan running light, or a running headlamp
  • - Always run against traffic

Runners who use a combination of both passive and active lighting can be seen from up to 600% further away than those who use just reflective materials. Be seen and be safe!


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