Meet Your Match: Superfeet Insoles & HOKA One One Footwear

Meet Your Match: Superfeet Insoles & HOKA One One Footwear


Running insoles may confuse many as you stare at a wall of them coloring your local running store. But these slivers of color could be the answer to matching you to your perfect running shoe.

Insoles can improve the fit of your running shoes, make sure your arches are supported where they need it and they can provide extra stability and help to spread the running load when your foot hits the ground.  Add to that the two words every runner dreads - plantar fasciitis - insoles have been known to help the condition with their arch support and general foot stability for the runner.

Just as every foot is different and every running shoe is different, a quality running insole can bridge the gap to turn the best running shoe into the perfect running shoe for you.

Superfeet are the 'podiactric scientists' behind some of the best running insoles available today. Their insoles use cutting edge technologies to produce insoles to suit a variety of runners. Superfeet have been gathering data on people's feet for over 40 years; that's a lot of feet!

We've taken our fave Hoka One One running shoes and paired them with the appropriate Superfeet insole to give you a solid grounding (pun intended) on how you can use an insole to dial in your favorite running shoe.

bondi 6 + run comfort insoles


Superfeet Run Comfort Max:  This heel-cradling insole, the best-selling running insole from Superfeet is specifically desigend with the runner in mind.  It's build for comfort and durability, and like all Superfeet insoles, they are guaranteed to provide reliable support and comfort of up to 12 months or 500 miles - whichever comes sooner.

Slipped into your running shoe, the insole disperses impact for a more comfortable run allowing you to run longer with more efficiency. Remember, the Superfeet Run Comfort Max is the 'green insole' when you're shopping.

HOKA Bondi 6:  With a 36mm insole, the HOKA Bondi is epic in its cushioning you could almost think you are running on clouds. It's a perfect shoe for long runs and running on tired legs.

cavu 2 and run comfort thin insole


Superfeet Run Comfort Thin: The Superfeet Run Comfort Thin insole is 20% thinner than other Superfeet styles for the runner who needs a slim fit in their shoes, but also need the support of an insole. The thin profile works with your race shoes and offers no extra bulk for a dialed in fit.  

HOKA Cavu 2: The Cavu 2 is one of the styles in the HOKA Fly line, and one of the lightest shoes in the collection weighing in at 7.2 ounces.  With that light of a shoe, you need a light insole to complement the lightness of foot you get from slipping your foot into a pair.  If you're new to HOKA, the Cavu is a great starting point to launch into the lightness the brand is so well known for.  

Check out our review of the HOKA Cavu 2.

mach 2 & run comfort women's insole


Run Comfort Women's: As the mantra goes, 'women are not small men', and their feet are no exception. With that firmly at the front of their mind, Superfeet have devised the Run Comfort Women's running insole specifically adpated to the geometry of the female foot.  

This insole features a narrower heel and specific arch length alongside the tried and tested deep heel cup and impact technology to disperse impact.

HOKA Mach 2: A fabulous addition to the HOKA shoe line up, the Mach 2 has been completely retooled and is one of the most versatile shoes for lightweight training and as a race-day shoe. As a nod back to the HOKA Clayton, the Mach 2 should be a great smooth runner for dynamic training.  Check out our full review of the HOKA Mach 2.

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