Icebreaker - Their Commitment to Sustainability

Icebreaker - Their Commitment to Sustainability

Icebreaker strives to be different - not only in the quality and functionality of their apparel, but in the way they create it.

It’s a different way of thinking and behaving, that still drives our business today. It runs through every stitch of every product we make. Made different.

Here's some key takeaways from their sustainability initiatives:

  • 84% of their global fabric composition is natural fiber
  • They intend to be PFC-free in 2020
  • A first in the industry, they have created 10-year contracts with merino wool growers
  • They have 72 merino growers committed to a written environmental plan addressing:
    - Planning and awareness
    - Biodiversity
    - Healthy soil
    - Healthy waterways and bodies
    - Responsible management of hazardous substances and waste
  • They have 'five freedoms of the flock' - for happy, healthy sheep
  • Their COOL-LITE collection is made from a merino and tencel blend.  Tencel is derived from wood pulp of eucalyptus which is cultivated on land that cannot be used for agriculture.
  • They disclose 100% of their supply chain to consumers
  • Merino wool is soft, odor resistant, and best of all - naturally biodegradable
  • The tubular knit of their new seamless collection results in less offcut waste in the fabric process


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