GU Roctane Review - Ultra Endurance Fuel

GU Roctane Review - Ultra Endurance Fuel



GU Roctane products are brewed up for an athlete's most extreme efforts and/or long duration activities. No matter the quality, breakfast can only get you so far into a long and intense training/racing day.  When the time comes, you need to call upon a sports fuel that packs all the nutrients to replace energy stores in an easy-digestible way.

The low-down?  GU Roctane is for your most intense and hardest training days. Reach for it when you have an intense training or long-run ahead where bonking is not an option.

What makes GU Roctane different from regular GU Gels?  Read on, dear runner.


The biggest difference between GU Roctane gels and regular GU gels all comes down the smallest of ingredients.

The quantity of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) is in higher supply in Roctane, as well as the addition of two more essential amino acids - beta alanine and taurine. Add to these a higher sodium content than regular GU gels, because sodium is the primary electrolyte you lose when you sweat and the longer you train, the more you must replace.

Why amino-acids?  The team at GU are scientists and there's sufficient scientific evidence for them to create Roctane for extreme training and racing efforts. It's all in the nutrients and the GU team has done all the hard science work for the long-course athlete in mind.  These these types of amino acid provide the following benefits to an athlete:

Branched Chain Amino Acids: Prevent mental fatigue and reduce muscle damage.

Beta Alanine: Helps buffer acidity levels in muscles to prevent soreness and delay the onset of muscle fatigue.

Taurine: Supports heart contractility and cardio output during long exercise sessions.

Check the chart below for a quick and easy reference to compare GU and GU Roctane so you can best determine which suits your particular training and racing needs.

GU & GU ROCTANE COMPARISON CHART - Dual Carbohydrate Source - GU and GU Roctane // BCAAS - GU somewhat, GU Roctane fully // Electrolytes - GU somewhat, GU Roctane fully // Caffeine - GU and GU Roctane // Taurine - Not in GU, present in GU Roctane // Beta-Alanine - Not in GU, present in GU Roctane


As training and races distances lengthen, the more 'particular' - or would that be obsessive? -  athletes become when it comes to the way they want to consume calories. And with good reason.  

GU Roctane is available as a regular 100-calorie energy gel format in seven different flavors to suit every taste whim: Blueberry pomegranate, chai latte (with caffeine of course) and cherry lime to name a few.

For those who sit in the camp of consuming liquid calories, GU Roctane Energy Drink Mix comes in an easy-transport, individual-serve packets or in bulk to keep at hand for hot training runs, high-intensity bike classes, or endurance rides outside.

And let's not forget the caffeine. Much like GU's other products there are caffeinated versions of GU Roctane that deliver 35mg of caffeine in a serving for an extra boost and to delay fatigue.

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