GU Energy's Half and Full Marathon Nutrition Plans

GU Energy's Half and Full Marathon Nutrition Plans

GU knows better than most that eating is training.  While you’ve put in the miles and the hours of hard running and hard work, that’s only a piece of the puzzle. Training hard is key, recovering hard is key, and having the proper running fuel is key as well.

In order to avoid the dreaded bonk, you’ve got to stay hydrated and fueled with compact, nutrient-dense foods to keep you going through the end.  GU has developed four different nutrition plans, two for full marathons and two for half marathons, with variations based on whether or not you’d like to incorporate GU fluids with gels & chews or not.

Let’s hop to it - see the plans below and crush your race-day PR with GU!

half marathon plan

Want the other plans?

Select what you need below:

Half Marathon - Gels and Chews

Half Marathon - Fluid, Gels and Chews

Marathon - Gels and Chews

Marathon - Fluid, Gels and Chews

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