Brooks Half and Full Marathon Training Plans

Brooks Half and Full Marathon Training Plans

f you’re looking to move up in distance and tackle your first half-marathon, or work on improving your marathon time, these training plans are the blueprints to get you there.


Written by running coaching legends Keith and Kevin Hanson, each plan includes day-by-day instructions, so all you need to do is get out and run.  

Be prepared to train smart, train hard, and reap your well-earned rewards, such as the ability to the run double-digit miles regularly, or that blissful feeling of crossing the finish line on wobbly legs that have just finished running 26.2 miles. Yes, we really mean blissful.  

Our biggest piece of advice: Don’t forget to have fun.

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Half Marathon - Beginner

Half Marathon - Advanced

Full Marathon - Beginner

Full Marathon - Advanced

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