Brooks 5K & 10K Training Plans

Brooks 5K & 10K Training Plans

The marathon may be the most glamorous of the race distances, but just because 5k and 10k races are short doesn’t mean they’re easy.

Provided courtesy of Danny Mackey, coach of the Seattle, WA Brooks Beasts, these plans offer daily workouts so all you need to do is print yours and start training.  

If you’re taking a break from long distances, these plans are good reminders that going fast is fun. It’s a different kind of test, but one that’s equally rewarding. Plus short races are cheaper than long ones, and saving some cash is a reward of its own.  

NOTE: You'll want to be running about 15 miles a week before you start using the beginner plans - but they're suited to runners of all abilities.

Total mileage per week will vary with these plans since you’ll be switching between running for time and running for miles. Don’t sweat it! Make sure you’re running at the correct intensity and the mileage will take care of itself.

5k plan

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5K Beginner Plan

5K Advanced Plan

10K Beginner Plan

10K Advanced Plan

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