Balega: Giving Back One Running Sock at a Time

Balega: Giving Back One Running Sock at a Time



When is a running sock more than a running sock?  When it's a Balega sock of course. You might have seen the Balega logo as you've browsed JackRabbit and partner running stores, slipped them onto your feet with no other thought other than, 'no blisters coming my way in these socks!'

However, Balega running socks stand out in more ways than one.  Since the beginning, Balega has sought meaningful ways to pay tribute to organizations via their company culture and commitment to quality in everything that they do.

Quality is a critical part of the business and philanthropic mission of Balega from the first yarn selection to the final running sock inspection and giving back to communities they believe in.

Let's meet Balega, their sock manufacturing mission and how they give back.


If you're used to throwing on any old pair of running socks, then prepare to have your mind blown.

Balega have created a family of socks that are fast becoming the leading go-to running socks for every type of runner. The quality of a Balega sock lies in the craftmanship and design - from the selection of the yarn itself (American yarn, runners!), to the pre-wash and hand inspection every pair receives.  We're not kidding here folks, every pair of running socks features a sticker showing the person who inspected the pair with a guarantee there are no rogue yarns.

Balega running socks are available in several styles at JackRabbit and are some of our top-selling socks. Bestsellers are the Blister Resist No Show Socks for those runners churning out the miles. Then there are the Ultra LIght No Show Sock, popular with our triathlete friends and for hot summer runs. For trail runners, there are the Enduro V-Tech Quarter Socksto protect ankles on the rugged terrain.

Balega nicely rounds up a sock for every type of runner in a rainbow of colors. If only Balega could come up with the solution for the 'case of the missing lone sock' from any given laundry day, and they'll have answered every runner's first-world problem.

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Today's corporate manifestos have changed, for the better.  Corporations are living and breathing their mission, encouraging their leadership and team members to do the same.  Balega has been a mission-oriented since 2004 when they launched their commitment to supporting communities in their global headquarters in South Africa, as well as those communities in the countries the serve.

Balega has sought meaningful ways to pay tribute to the culture and the country that is still so much part of its identity. Rooted in South Africa, Balega launched the Lesedi project, a non-profit fund, 501(c)3, in order to give back and strengthen the community as part of its corporate mission to give back.  

Since the inception of the Lesedi project, Balega now supports several organizations in Africa and the US. Every time you purchase a pair of Balega socks, you are automatically contributing to the Lesedi fund supporting these causes.


Loacted in South Africa along the Comrades Marathon route, Ethembeni is a home for severely disabled and disadvantaged children.  To date, Balega has provides 12 annual scholarships every year since 2013 as well as providing a schoolbus, therapy playparks and numerous cash grants and scholarships.

Balega created the limited edition Grit & Grace style of running socks where $1 of every pair sold is donated to the Breast Cancer Fund. This unique style of running socks serves to encourage athletes to get moving, in parallel with supporting the Breast Cancer Fund's work to expose and eliminate environmental causes of breast cancer.  

Both doing their part to support healthier life paths for women.

Balega supports veterans with a physical training sock that is 'outfit compliant'.  With every pair of socks sold from this collection, Balega donates $0.50 from the proceeds to the Veterans in Need fund. This organization offers support, assistance and hope for veterans through practical initiatives aimed to help those struggling.

Balega supports the Back On My Feet initiative as the fourth charity in their Lesedi mission.  This organization motivates homeless people to work their way back into society by overcoming difficulties through a running lens.  Each member sets and achives running goals as a way to help them set goals for other aspects of their lives.  Balega outfits all 12 chapters of the organization nationally.


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