adidas: Sustainability, Performance, Style

adidas: Sustainability, Performance, Style


As a running company, adidas has always been a leader in its commitment to sustainability. We tip our hats to their clear mission to include sustainability into the fabric of the company and are committed for the long term.

In 2017, adidas placed 49th in the Global 100 List of Most Sustainable Corporations in the World, a ranking that celebrates corporations that have been able to balance environmental, social and corporate performance.  It was the only footwear or apparel company to feature in the list.

As a German company, adidas has the advantage of having its roots in a country that has always been a leader for pushing the idea of using less, paying attention to our impact on the environment and being a team player when it comes to Mother Earth.


As part of its mission, adidas is committed to taking responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the sport it supports.  That runs from respecting human rights to the supply chain to the end result of empowering people, improving health and inspiring others.

They have a road map through 2020 translating their sustainable efforts into tangible goals that have a direct impact on the world of sport.

Adidas - sustainability and running shoes


Adias SolarBOOST

With that in mind, adidas introduced SolarBoost using their unique Tailored Fiber Placement, which is so precise that it gives a structured and flexible feel where runners need it most. Add to this a new energy rail to increase stability and you have a shoe that is going to give you a refined and more accommodating fit.

And, there’s more folks!

Let’s not forget adidas’ mission for sustainable footwear which is the core of their brand beliefs. SolarBoost features sustainable (and ocean-saving) Parley yarn spun without compromising durability or wasting materials. Read on below for more on the amazing Parley yarn.

To learn more about the new SolarBOOST shoe,  read the JackRabbit review from guest blogger Brian Metzler.

Adidas SolarBOOST - new dawn, new shoes


With the launch of SolarBoost, adidas wants to celebrate you, the runner and the challenges we meet together as a running community.  To celebrate the launch of SolarBoost, ‘Run to Rise’ is designed to celebrate the peak in confidence and energy that we all get when we complete a run.

No matter how hard it is to get out of bed for ‘Track Tuesday’ early morning training, or how much motivation it takes to step into your running shoes after a long day at the office, no-one can deny how invincible you feel when you’ve stopped the Garmin and savor that post-run glow, confidence, and feeling you are alive in that moment.

#RuntoRise by adidas celebrates just that.

Some of us are early morning runners, others are end of the day runners. Neither is better or more powerful, but the result is the same; self-belief, confidence and ready for another day.

Adidas Parley - Sustainable Shoes


Talking of their sustainability mission, adidas have publicly stated they want all of their shoes to be made using recycled plastic by 2020.

The story of an adidas shoe is more than just its performance and style. Adidas has brought sustainability to its high performance shoes partnering with Parley - a company manufacturing yarn from plastic removed from oceans.  The upper of every Parley shoe from adidas is made from 5% recycled polyester and 95% plastic waste dredged from the ocean.

Read more about the adidas/Parley story and our passionate support in a blog post from Emily, our ‘sustainability guru’ at JackRabbit and social media queen.

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